Getting Reformed By Changing Handwriting


It is indeed a matter of great delight and honour to introduce you to the fascinating world of writing analysis. Technically it is termed as Graphology. The word ‘Graphology’ is derived from two Greek words: ‘graphein’ which means writing and ‘logos’ which means science. Handwriting is an instantaneous photograph of the mind. It reveals qualities of personality like honesty, emotions, mental stability, confidence levels, moods, goals, leadership ability, intelligence, fears, sex drives. Handwriting comes from the unconscious mind. So, unlike the psychological tests which researchers perform on based of questionnaires can be cheated by the person to get a good grading, handwriting cannot be cheated even by trained handwriting analysts for long. Graphology does not confine itself to mere physical appearance of the handwriting but it is the study of writer’s personality and character. Handwriting is the ‘X-Ray’ of the human mind. It enables us to understand what is happening in the body, mind and soul of the writer.

The traces of writing analysis go way back to 3000 years and even more. There is a famous sentence of philosopher Aristotle – “I can define the soul of people by their way of writing”. Shakespeare said – “Give me the handwriting of a woman, and I will tell you her character”. These quotes very well inform us the age and magic of this fascinating science. Graphology came in full vigour with the efforts of psychologists done in last 300 years. The first known book on graphology was published in Florence, Italy, in 1622. The author was Camillo (or Camilio) Baldi, and the title of the book was De signis ex epistolis (rough translation: “The Meaning of Letters”). . Jean Hippolyte Michon (1806-1881) is termed as Father of Graphology. Later Jules Crepieux-Jamin (1859-1940) and Ludwin Klages (1872-1956) gave it the desired recognition. Today Graphology is not only a part of curriculum of psychologists in the medical studies but has a sound standing apart from being a branch of forensic science. Graphology today is taught at the university level in Germany. The oldest known reference to graphology in India exists in a book written in Sanskrit, found in South India, nearly 5000 years ago. In 1581 Swami Ramdas, guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji had written a chapter ‘Lekhan Kriya’ (writing technique) in his book ‘Dasbodh’.

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Ashish Johri is a Personality Transformation Consultant and counselor having Five years experience of analyzing writing and correcting personalities to make the world a better place to live in. In free time Ashish becomes a Film Maker and loves to explore the hidden secrets of human mind and life.

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